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Welcome to the home of SK0CT Amateur Radio Club.

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SK0CT Board Members

Board position Name Callsign Contact
President Per-Olof Ohlsson SM0EPO sm0epo@sk0ct.se
Vice President Per Green SM0DFP sm0dfp@sk0ct.se
Secretary   Peter Rosenthal SM0BSO sm0bso@sk0ct.se
Treasurer Theodor Berg SM0RZC  
Station Manager christer SM0NCL sm0ncl@sk0ct.se

Other members and functions

Assistant Station Manager Mart Sakalov SM0ERR  
Assistant Station Manager Mats Rehnström    
Revisor Sören Sandelin SM0HGX sm0hgx@sk0ct.se
Valberedning Thomas W Nilsson SM0KBD sm0kbd@sk0ct.se
QSL distributor Per-Olof Ohlsson SM0EPO sm0epo@sk0ct.se
Beacon Per Green SM0DFP sm0dfp@sk0ct.se
  Eberhardt Pauck SM0FZH  
Repeater Lars Edström SM0IQC sm0iqc@sk0ct.se

Magazine distribution:

QTC, CQ Peter Rosenthal SM0BSO  
QST Allan Strömbert SM0GXY  
Six News Per-Olof Ohlsson SM0EPO  
QEX, RadCom SM0NCL  
VHF Comm.
Joel Eriksson SM0OTB