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Resource Frequency Note Location Call Comment
Repeater RU1 / 434.625/-2MHz shift CTCSS 88.5Hz or1750Hz  Kista JO89XJ SK0CT/R Kista Science Tower
Repeater SU1 / 1297.025/1291.025 CTCSS  Kista JO89XJ SK0RLQ/
Kista Ericsson Main building
Beacon 10GHz 10 368.840Mhz 1W to antenna Edsberg JO89XK SK0SHF Helical omni ant
Beacon 10GHz 10 369.835 Mhz 10kW ERP Kista JO89XJ SK0SHH Propagation trials
Beacon 28Mhz 28.292 Mhz 10W JO89XK SK0CT/B Vertical omni ant
Beacon 10GHz 103 68.850MHz 10kW ERP JO97CL SK1SHH Propagation trials