The Amateur Radio Club (ARC) is open for all employees of Ericsson AB.
You don’t have to be a licensed radioamateur.
We welcome all who are interested in radio communication techniques and amateurradio activities.

We are also a member of the Swedish Amateur Radio League, SSA, SK0HQ.
SK0CT ARC has several amateur radio repeaters in operation, see HamRadio Resources pages

A number of microwave beacons are maintained or supported by SK0CT ARC.
The annual club meeting takes place in the second half of February and the board will announce time and place in good time.

The subscription is 126 kr/year for working members and 50 kr/year for retired Ericsson employees.
For working Ericsson members payment must be done through the Ericsson For Me.
For retired Ericsson employees payment must be done through “PlusGiro (PG)” 475 28 64-1. Please include your e-mail when you pay.
New members need to contact our president for access to club information chat. (See Contact persons 2023)

SK0CT is also an affiliated club to SK0UX, Kvarnbergets Amatörradio klubb.
SK0CT members are free to join the activities and operate from the SK0UX location. We suggest you contact any of the SK0CT board members in case you like to visit Kvarnberget. see Contact persons
For more information about SK0UX, go here
We hope you’ll enjoy being a member of SK0CT.