SK0UX/B 47GHz Beacon

Beacon data: 
QRG 47,088100GHz
20mW output to an offset feed 25 cm dish (estimated 35dB gain)  45W ERP
Antenna direction on demand in your preferred direction, Pse order beacon via SM0DFP.

Polarization horizontal.

As part of the propagation study scheme undertaken by SK0CT, this beacon was build and put in service 2005.

The beacon has a phase locked XO. The XO feeds the frequency multiplier that brings the frequency to 11GHz. The multiplier is the famous DB6NT standard design. 
The 11GHz signal has 30mW out from the multiplier, and it is further multiplied with amplification, delivering 100mW output at 23GHz. Finally the 23GHz signal is again doubled in a multiplier delivering 20mW at 47GHz directly feeding the offset parabolic dish as the output WG is placed in the focus point.

Bottom left is the beacon PIC keyer.
Side view of the veroboard (with the axial lead resistor) containing the switch between automatic keying and manual keying.
And to the bottom right is the input DC reverse polarity protection with surge protection.
Middle left is the PLL with a 12.8MHz reference TCXO
The main oscillator and multiplier.
At the top left is the output multiplier.
The 11GHz to 23 GHZ multiplier and amplifier.
All electronics is driven from an external +12V DC supply. 
All electronics are insulated with thermo foam to keep a stable frequency of the PLL oscillator.

The following are acknowledged in bringing the beacon into being.
SK0CT for supplying the RF hardware
ES5PC for ID keyer and PLL design
SM0MXO for supplying the antenna.
SM0DFP for engineering and mechanical work
(c) SK0CT