10GHz beacon reception report from SM6ESG

SK0SHH log from SM6ESG June and July 2001
Fri 15/6    Airplane reflections on and off during the day
Sat 16/6      Rain scatter signals heard through the whole day. Best RST 53R
Sun 17/6      NIL sigs when monitored
Mon 18/6    NIL sigs when monitored
Tue 19/6    Rain scatter signals RST 51R when arriving from work.
Wed 20/6    Weak RS during the evening
Thu 21/6    At 0130 UFB sigs 52R. In the morning NIL.
According to the  radar picture
there are heavy rains between lake V‰ttern and SM0.
Nothing heard in the evening in spite of  rains between SM6 and SM0.
Fri 22/6    Rain scatter 51R at 0950
Mon 25/6     At 1700 UNBELEVABLE sigs, 54R in 57 degrees. Line of sight  is 50 degrees.
Heavy rains over Limmared and Norrkˆping. Nothing over lake V‰ttern.
Signal strength fell to 41R in about 5 minutes. At 2300, NIL.
Tue 26/6     NIL sigs, NIL rain.
Wed 26/6    NIL sigs, NIL rain.
Thu 28/6    Rain scatter 51R from 2100 to 2300, raining over SmÂland.
Sun 8/7        At 1420 Rain scatter 53R Thunder storm starting locally just now.
Mon 9/7        At 1630 Rain scatter 53R, no rain locally. RS all night 51R to 53R. Some local rain later.
Wed 11/7    Rain scatter 51R at 0700. Have been raining for some hours. The heat wave is over.
Thu 12/7    At 1600 rain scatter 51R. Called SM5QA and worked him with 52R/55R reports.
This was the first QSO on 3 cm which definitely not could have been made without the
high power beacon to monitor.
Fri 20/7    Rain scatter signals heard 52R ñ 53R. Working SM5QA with 55R/56R signals on 3 cm.
Very good signals. It even worked on SSB! Also good sigs on 13cm but on 6cm nothing.

SM6ESG heard the beacon at several more occasions without reporting in this log.

Published 2001-08-27