Information SK0CT Amateur Radio Club

An introduction to our ARC can be found at the Introduction  pages.

List of contact persons are found at /https://sk0ct.se/WP/contact-persons/

Thursday Club Meeting – On-Line

This year a series of club meetings has been started on the
third Thursday in each month, starting at 19.00.

1st Meeting: An airplane scatter presentation 40minutes then 20minutes discussion on the topic and also topics for the next meeting

2nd Meeting: Digital modes on VHF 6m and up, discussions and presentations


As most ARC’s we have a number of radio resources available to the hamradio community, such as repeaters, and beacons.
More information is listed in the HamRadio Resource Pages.

Technical info.

Additional historic information on projects, technical resources and other radiorelated topics are found in https://sk0ct.se/WP/the-archives/