Detailed Information

Here you will find more information of what new projects are planned at SK0CT.

Check out the assembly of modified surplus amplifers:

1.3 GHz preamp
Surplus 23cm power amplifiers
2.3 GHz  surplus QRP amplifiers
2.3 GHz  surplus QRO amplifiers

We also have an unique microwave rover setup, check it out:

The Rover Set

Detailed information about how the 6cm microwave station is built at SK0CT:

5.7 GHz Radio

Information about 10 Meter propagation beacons:

10 meter Beacon’s and reports.

Detailed information on the high power SHF propagation beacon transmitter at SK0CT:

10 GHz Beacon

10GHz beacon reception report from SM6ESG

As most ARC’s do, there is a continuous search for more locators, DXCC etc – check out the scores:

Top List, QRA, Locators, DXCC FieldList